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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Code: Unnamed

My Aunt Drina

She is the BEST!
She is on her way!
I love ehr soo much!!!
I don't have any words to say how much I love my auntie
*Tearing Up*
You guys just don't know... you just don't know!
(Wishing you more luck than ever)

Follow her at:

I Luv You

Do you see that person up there?
If not you gotta be tow up...
Well to get to the point his name is
IAN <---- Yea I said it I-A-N
He is awsome....
I love him soooo much.. but not all lovey dovey kind of way....
THe your awsoem typeee....
He is reallly awsome he has hiz own band... and they are awwwsssooommmmmeeeeee!
I just wanted to say..

Brooklynn and jerey

Thoses girl(s) up there are the best.. one of them is pretty loud..
but she is the best the other one up ther is pretty amazing.. but she is the
best also... i don't know wat i would do w/o them....

Danny El (Is what I call her)

Danny El is what I call her !
She is my cousin
my Big cousin who is younger than me and acts older than me! WOW!!!!
Danney El, i love you soooooooo much
You live soooo far away.. But I love you more than ever!
Sometimes I wish you didn't live soo far away!
I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muuuuccccccccchhhhhhhhhhh!
Even though I bother you more than ever.. lol
it is b/c i love you!
Iam beginngin to think that yours' is the longest one on herere.. lol
And when we get older than we are noww.. gurl we are gonna party it up!
Even though your leaving TODAY/TOMRROW!
Imma miss you like a kid misses their mommie and daddy!
And I can't believe that yall put that stuff on meehhhh (boo hoo)
But don't worry imma get you guys back.... trust me
I get my REVENGE!!!!!!!!
100% of it too!
Welll even though you live farrrrrr farrr farrrrr fauther than sherk lives imma miss you alot b/c i won't see you for a while!
But you never know i might jsut walk down there to see you! lol
Well your here now is what I am thinking... but the quesstion is aree you ???
aND Even though you hit meeeee alot... lol rofl..
I hope it's not with a passion b/c i will get you backk..
and even though you don't liek *feet* Trust em they love youuuuu more than you know it!!!
I love you soooo much danny el! <--- hahh sounds/looks like a hispanic name lol
ohkjay that one wasn't funnyyy at alll....
I am beign serious now..
Well Danny el............. *brain fart*
dang what's that word?
(30 mintuues later).......
*tick, tock,tick,tock*
I got it!


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