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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

All For Edliverta Lopez

Think about this and tell me wat This kinda means...
Thanks TALON..

Your an awsoem friend

wat in the world would I do with you???

I love you


You see that picture up there????

Well that was the party that I went to for EDLIVERTA LOPEZ

That night was the best night ever!!!
I am giving a shout out to her!

Thanks for all the fun!!!

I Love you>

I can't wait till We hang out again!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wat color comes next??

You see that picture up there?
Well for the past..3 Months
I have been trying to figure out what color My room should be next..
And I now have alot of... No's,Ewwwww,Not good enough, ect..
It's commign down to the point to where I need to make that final color!
I am trying my best sooo... if you got any ideas...
{There is more to be done that can ever be done...}

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What If ?

What If ?
What if I told you that the world is going to ENd?
What if I told you that there would be no more flowers?
What if I told you that I am not your Friend?
What if I said.."Why are there so many question"?
Do you think I would care about any of the above?
Do you think that I would Go and eat a dead bug?
So, what if I was jsut kidding?
But the question really is...
What would you do if there was No
Well Do I have an ANSWER?
Shout outs!
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